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design Rose Flower Packing Box

Rose (scientific name: Rosa rugosa), country of origin China. Rosaceae deciduous shrubs, branches more than acupuncture, odd pinnate, lobular 5 ~ 9 piece, elliptic, have thorns. Petals obovate, double to semidouble, flowers are purple, white, fruiting August - September, flat spherical.[1] the rose of origin is China. Rose as crops, its flower is mainly used in food and perfume rose oil, rose oil used in cosmetics, food, chemical industries.In daily life, people will pay big gorgeous rose series of cultivated varieties (rose) collectively known as the rose.


In European languages, rose, rose and Chinese rose are all use the same word, such as English is the rose, German is a Die rose. The rose is the national flower of Britain.
Today the world's most common hybrid rose (Rosa hybrida, also called modern roses or modern Chinese rose) mainly for hundreds of years by many kinds of species and genus Rosa breeding hybrid of a finished product. Especially from the aspects of kinship long flowering, the four seasons flower, main branches growth and inflorescence highlight open up on top of a plant.[1]
Today in everyday speech in Chinese, "rose" has become known as many kinds of rose plants. And in fact hybrid roses is also produced by hybrid breeding rose under each species!
In our daily life there had many online shop sales flower. And this had offer many chance for those lovers to make surprise for each other. This rose flower online is expensive and also the market is very good. And more and more customer are ask packing for flower.Below is the one flower packing box we made. And this is long rigid box that the flowers could put inside of the box

Also for the flower it also could use round box packing. Also enclosed the box we made.

round flower7

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