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design single bottle red wine box paper cardboard wine box

The packaging box just like a beautiful clothes,It can make you and sometimes cute, sometimes gentle, sometimes nobility.while,nice packaging box can make the goods become more valuable.thanks for the box make the world more colorful. Now ,let’s share some interesting story about the wine and the wine box.
English red wine used to be an oxymoron but today English vineyards are producing reds from a variety of cool climate grapes with some great success stories.
This gift box includes two reds from two of the best known English producers, Bolney Wine Estate and Biddenden Vineyard from Sussex and Kent respectively.  They’re light and fruity with loads of character. This gift box comes with a free gift card and can be sent directly to the recipient with a message of your choice.
Back in the 1980s and ’90s, the average boxed wine was one-dimensional headache water geared toward buzz-seekers, not wine lovers. Sadly, this dark history still hangs over the American wine landscape, spooking plenty of producers from embracing the box or Tetra Pak (Europeans are far less skittish about boxed wine). Still, what goes in these maligned vessels has come a long way. Grape farming and winemaking techniques are leagues better than 20 years ago, and with more wine drinkers than ever before, the competition to seduce your palate is fierce. Will you find a life-changing sip among this group? Maybe, but probably not. Still, when it comes to convenience, portability and pleasing drinkability, these are safe bets.

Before you dismiss the idea of boxed wines as a tasteless (on many levels) suggestion, consider this: boxed wine stays fresh a minimum of four weeks, it’s shatter-proof, portable, will never have cork taint, and is more environmentally conscious. In fact the total energy used to produce one box is about 1/3 the energy required to produce a glass bottle, leaving a carbon footprint one-half the size that of a wine bottle.

Feeling virtuous about your consumption is a nice perk, but what really matters at the end of the day is taste. There’s good news on this front as well: boxed wines have come a long 


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